New flu song to be launched for annual campaign

A HEALTH trust will soon be launching its own flu song to encourage as many staff as possible to be vaccinated against seasonal flu this winter.

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust’s occupational health and wellbeing team, together with a team of ward vaccinators, is providing clinics and visits to wards to offer the vaccination to all staff and volunteers.

Jill Ness, health and wellbeing lead at the trust, said: “We’re encouraging staff to protect themselves, their family and their patients against flu by having the vaccination.

“We’re dispelling any myths about the vaccination too. Despite what people think you cannot get flu from the flu vaccine. It is not a live vaccine so it is impossible to catch flu by having the vaccine.

“Flu can be serious and even fatal, even for normally fit and well people, so that’s why the campaign is so important to protect ourselves and our patients.

“It’s very important for our staff to get the vaccination to minimise the risks of developing the flu when they’re exposed to patients who have flu themselves and to prevent themselves carrying the flu virus to others including their friends, family, other patients and relatives.”

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