FINEST training pilot

Staff at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust have been given the FINEST training in team working.

The trust’s Faculty of Interprofessional Education and Staff Training (FINEST) team has been working with the team in the medicine ward at the University Hospital of North Tees to develop the way the team works together.

Interprofessional working is when two or more professions work together,  learn with and from one another to improve communication and team work which improves the quality of care provided.

finest-team-pilot-medicineThe FINEST lead Helen Sutherland said: ‘’ It is about enabling links to be made between professions with patients’ needs placed at the center of those experiences.

‘’The week long pilot involved student doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists working alongside each other and being involved in a variety of activities on the ward including shadowing staff members from other professions including pharmacists, dieticians, specialist nurses and consultants.

‘’The pilot had positive outcomes all round. The students learned to understand the value of good team working and the importance of effective communication across the immediate and wider team. It enabled them to clarify the needs of the patient within their care pathway and facilitate their development into competent, qualified practitioners who work collaboratively.

‘’The staff on the ward also saw a benefit by being able to share their specialist knowledge and skills with learners whilst being able to reflect on their own practices and development.

‘’The outcome for patients was an increased opportunity to understand and contribute to the care they require and the potential for an improved planning and coordination between the professions involved.

‘’Overall it was a very successful week that everyone involved saw the benefit of.’’

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