Fertility experts to hold annual conference

Experts in male infertility will meet for a leading conference in Hartlepool.

Professors, doctors and counsellors from the University Hospital of Hartlepool’s assisted reproduction unit will be holding their annual conference on Friday 11 December.

The conference, which is titled male factor infertility and will cover topics including environmental factor and lifestyle effect on male infertility and surgical treatment options in male infertility.

Hany Mostafa, who is the clinical lead for the assisted reproduction unit said: “Events like this are a great way for experts to share the huge amount of knowledge and experience they have.

“We are offering the most up to date knowledge and technology in the assisted reproduction unit at Hartlepool to help patients achieve their dream of having a child.”

Any health professionals or patients who are interested in attending the conference which will be held at Hartlepool College of Further Education should contact Fiona.newsome@nth.ns.uk and can download the full agenda at www.nth.nhs.uk/training/courses-conferences/assisted-reproduction-unit-conference-2015/

You can find out more about the assisted reproduction unit at www.nth.nhs.uk/services/assisted-reproduction-unit/

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