Danielle’s life saving actions recognised

It was Danielle Howard’s quick thinking in an emergency situation which helped a patient who was choking on some food.

Danielle, a healthcare assistant in the trauma unit, was first on the scene when an elderly patient in the ward was struggling to swallow some food from the evening meal.

She alerted staff with the emergency buzzer then immediately took to first aid to help the patient who had visible cyanosis and was also becoming unresponsive.

She began to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre before other members of the team arrived, which removed the piece of food that the patient was choking on.

Director nursing, patient safety and quality Julie Lane visited Danielle this week to present her with the latest star of the month award.

Trauma nurse practitioner Laura Weatherall, who nominated her, said: “Danielle remained calm, professional and worked with courage to take lead in an emergency situation.

“She worked outside of her comfort zone in a safe manner and acted in the best interests of the patient without hesitation.
“Even when senior support arrived Danielle continued with her manoeuvre, which cleared the patients air way.

“Danielle has excellent decision making skills but is also aware of her limitations and asks for advice from senior members of the team when needed.

“Danielle is a well-respected member of the team who has a high standard of professionalism and clinical knowledge.

“She has a positive impact on all members of the team and ensures a high standard for patient care and safety.”

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