COVID-19 vaccine trial comes step closer to being authorised – as volunteers involve praise the study

A research study in Hartlepool into a COVID-19 vaccine has been praised by volunteers involved – in the same week it comes a step closer to being approved for use.

Vaccine workers outside Hartlepool hospitalThe trial at the University Hospital of Hartlepool is one of many sites across the country the Novavax study is running from.

This week, Novavax completed the application to have the vaccine authorised in the UK – based on data from 15,000 volunteers in this country.

Carol Ryan, one of these participants from the trial in Hartlepool, sent some feedback to the team recently.

Vaccine trial being carried out at HartlepoolPart of it said: “I have received all the information on the trails and been kept up to date with the progress, I was given the opportunity to leave when the Pfizer and AstraZeneca were approved.

“But I said that I was going to stay with the Novavax trial – it did not make sense to leave halfway through, I had started it so I will finish it.

“I know that some of the participants were getting frustrated with the progress of the vaccine being approved, I am sure that all the research team were as frustrated too. For whatever reason that the approval has not been given yet, I don’t regret taking part in the trial.

“I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff that have been at Hartlepool hospital dealing with all the participants, answering questions when they could.

“Making sure we were all okay and checking on us, I know you all have probably been working on the wards at the hospitals as well as helping with the trial participants.  Thank you for all research staff from day one, you are the backbone against this fight with COVID. Thank you, thank you.”

The Hartlepool centre is run as part of a joint collaboration between the North Tees and Hartlepool, South Tees Hospitals and Durham and Darlington NHS health trusts.


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