Chemotherapy patient taken by surprise from team to celebrate milestone birthday

A hospital patient was taken completely by surprise when staff in a cancer unit threw a surprise celebration for him to mark a milestone birthday.

John Patterson was seeing in his 90th birthday with a routine appointment at the chemotherapy day unit at the University Hospital of North Tees.

John, who has been receiving treatment over the last few months, had previously been coming along with his daughter.

But since the outbreak of COVID-19, visitors have not been permitted to come into hospital.

Healthcare assistant Margaret Colquhoun came up with an idea to take John by surprise.

She said: “It’s not often we have a patient John’s age who comes in for chemotherapy treatment.

“We know how difficult it has been for all of our patients over the last few weeks, to not be able to come in with a loved one, as they normally would have done, to offer love and support.

“When we knew it was John’s birthday, we wanted to get him a cake and take him by surprise.

“The catering team then mentioned that they would be happy to help by baking a cake for him – we are so grateful for their support and helping make John’s day so special.”

John, who lives in Thornaby, said: “I’ve had a fantastic day celebrating my birthday with staff. I had absolute no idea they were planning this it has taken me completely by surprise.

“The treatment I have had from the whole team throughout my time here has been fantastic. I couldn’t be happier with how I have been cared for.”

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