Celebrating two more research stars

Research is vital for the trust as it helps us find out which treatments work best and to make improvements to patient care.

That’s why we celebrate staff who have gone above and beyond to help develop research with the Research Star award.

This time around the trust is awarding two staff for their hard work – split between nurse consultant in palliative care Mel McEvoy and clinical trials co-ordinator Lynda Poole.

Mel was nominated for his work to create a special end of life care diary, Family’s Voice, for relatives.

Deputy clinical effectiveness manager John Blenkinsopp, who nominated him, said: “Mel’s commitment to research and innovation has changed how end of life care is managed in acute hospitals – not just in the UK but internationally as well.

“In response to failings in communication, he set up a new innovative communication approach as an action research project. This was the Family’s Voice, a communications diary that relatives could complete throughout the final hours of the patient’s care in hospital. It enabled clinical staff to deal with immediate issues raised by relatives when the patient was in the last hours of life.

“When it was introduced to the trust, complaints dropped significantly and more importantly, the research showed that relatives and carers engaged with the clinical teams and found this approach beneficial throughout their most difficult time. Follow up showed that relatives were able to reflect on their loved one as having ‘a good death.’”

Lynda was nominated for her dedication to a national trial.

Consultant surgeon Matei Dordea, who nominated her, said: “Lynda has worked hard to keep track of all patients recruited in the trial and has in fact assisted us in keeping 100% follow up records – a task which would have been impossible without her support.

“She has gone beyond her duties to organise patient follow ups at the clinic by carefully scrutinising the follow up chart and highlighting to the Principal Investigator so that the recommended Trial protocol was adhered to.

“She has demonstrated her knowledge and skills acquired previously as a Ward Nurse, by being able to deal with patients with empathy. She has been always available for any support they have required during their participation in the trial.

“With her support, the team has been able to retain patients in the trial. Over 95% of patients have continued their participation in the trial to date.”

Congratulations Mel and Lynda!

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