Celebrating innovations over the last year and beyond

As an organisation, we are always striving to improve and to innovate – all for the benefit of our patients.
Quality improvement leads stood by display posters of innovation projectsOur quality improvement (QI) programme is about making staff feel empowered to make those changes themselves.
Here are our QI leads with some of the projects our staff have delivered over the last few months.
These will be on display at the back of the Tees restaurant for staff to view this week.
This is ahead of the Celebrating Excellence in Care event on Friday held every year for staff to highlight high quality care across the organisation.

Chief nurse Lindsey Robertson said: “This has been especially highlighted since the outbreak of COVID-19. Over the last 15 months staff across the Trust have worked at pace to make changes decisively and effectively, for the good of our patients.

“Staff from all levels and across all departments and areas have given their input and been the drivers of these improvements. It’s been a truly inspiring part of what has been an incredibly challenging period for us all.

“The event will mark the end of a week where we celebrate some of the work carried out as part of the  quality improvement programme. This will showcase some of the initiatives rolled out over the last few months to improve patient care.”

Staff can get involved virtually through Microsoft Teams – look out for information on the weekly news bulletin.

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