Up and about again after surgery done under local anaesthetic

Harry Robinson, 86, from Clavering has a heart condition which meant he would have been unable to have a general or spinal anaesthetic , However his second hernia in 30 years was making him uncomfortable. Associate specialist surgeon Manuf Kassem discussed the possibility of surgery under local anaesthetic with Mr Robinson and it was agreed […]

Small Wonders brings huge improvements for tiny and sick babies

Small Wonders has been devised by the charity Best Beginnings whose aims are to give every child in the UK the healthiest start in life. Small Wonders aims to support parents to be at the cornerstone of their baby’s care in ways that are shown to improve health outcomes for babies and wellbeing of parents. […]

New role is NICE for Michael

Michael was recently selected to work on an advisory body to NICE known as the health technologies adoption programme reference panel. Michael is also part of an entrepreneurial business idea to develop an exciting new e-health company – PhysiCall. As part of this he has helped create a smartphone app and website which will allow […]

Leslie’s family join him in sim suite

Leslie’s wife Noelle, five-year-old son George and newborns Molly and Harry have been introduced to the suite recently. The new family members will mean junior medics who train at the suite will be able to experience a wider variety of different scenarios. This training is designed to help prepare them for the real thing, improve […]

Making computers available to everyone

The computers, provided by education and organisational development will also mean people can use the e-learning courses and library and information services. Project facilitator Daniel Evans, from education and organisation development, said: “These computers will allow staff to complete a broad range mandatory and non-mandatory training using e-learning, as well as use information from the […]

Appeal for patients to return crutches

The trust lends more than 5,000 pairs of crutches out each year and the vast majority of them are not returned. Each pair of crutches costs around £13, meaning over the course of the year more than £80,000 is spent – money which could be used improving patient care. Accident and emergency ward matron Stuart […]

Diabetics must be aware of foot attack risk

There are around 15,000 people with diabetes in the North East who are at high or increased risk of a diabetes-related foot attack – which is an injury to a foot which has reduced feeling or blood circulation. Highly specialised podiatrist diabetes Claire Ward (pictured) is one of a group of staff at the trust […]

Health trainers turned my life around

The 52-year-old, who runs The Fishermans Arms in Southgate, was sent to the health trainers after suffering a heart attack. After initially being hesitant about going, he has been taking on all of the advice and help he has been given and has completely transformed his life. He said: “Around the time that I had […]

A boost for speech and language in schools

Speech and language therapists at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust are now able to offer the training schools need so they can deliver Talk Boost to their children. Talk Boost is a catch up programme, developed by the children’s communication charity I CAN and The Communication Trust, which has been shown to produce […]

Fad diets – a recipe for disaster

Becci Dunn, a senior dietitian at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust explained: “One thing I would tell people is to stay away from fad diets. “Fad diets offer a quick fix. Often you will be restricted from eating certain food groups, for example carbohydrates. This makes it difficult to maintain and can put […]