Carole is on track with leadership

The trust’s new leadership track is already proving successful with one member of staff.

Carole Logie, ultrasound service manager, is using the new Journey into Leadership programme.

This sets out six different training routes staff can take, focusing on different parts of a person’s behaviour and skills – including emotional intelligence, innovation, time management, problem solving, conflict management and managing people.

Each stop on the track provides information about the course, who should attend, if there are any financial implications and a direct link to booking. This is supported by an online guide to develop staff’s leadership skills.

Any member of staff can access all of the information on the Journey into Leadership page on the intranet.

Carole has set off on one of the tracks and is already feeling the benefits.

She said: “I’m relatively new to the management role I am in so I thought it would be very useful for me develop my leadership skills through this programme.

“The skills I am learning through the track I am on are directly put into practice in my role here.

“Many of these courses are also either in house courses or free to use.

“I’ve been recommending it to my colleagues and would also encourage any member of staff to give it a try. “

The trust’s organisation development team put together the different routes.

Louise Samuel, organisation development practitioner, said: “We need effective leaders at every level so that we are providing the best care we can to our patients.

“This leadership journey helps staff at all levels assess their abilities and skills and have a clear understanding of the journey they need to take to meet their goals.

“The track has been developed to be used in a variety of ways. In each section there are a variety of suggested courses which staff can attend – some are run in-house, while others are hosted in partnership with the North East Leadership Academy (NELA) or in an e-learning format.”

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