Another achievement for Hartlepool hospital – Trust welcomes first daycase total knee replacement procedure

Patient James O'Shea with Ward 9 staff

Hartlepool Hospital have begun performing a new procedure this month – after a successful sister pilot saw the Trust perform day-case hip replacements earlier this year.

Consultant orthopaedic surgeon Manju Ramappa and his team at Hartlepool have been instrumental in expanding the day-case surgery service to include Total knee replacements as well.

Much like the day-case hip procedures which first took place in August, the new surgery sees patient attending the hospital, having knee surgery and being discharged the same day of surgery.

Mr.Ramappa said: “The feedback from our first group of day-case hip replacements was really positive and this has been a driver in the extension in the level of services we offer to our patients. Similar to our day case hip replacements, being able to operate upon and discharge patients back to the comfort of their own home within the same day can have positive outcomes for their recovery. There is a lower risk of hospital acquired infection. Certain complications such as leg clots can also be reduced as these patients tend to mobilise early.”

“However, not all patients will be suitable for this daycase procedure. Patients will undergo checks pre operatively by the specialist team, assessing their overall fitness and suitability for the procedure. They can expect the same quality of care and aftercare support, regardless of whether they choose to have the operation as a day-case or as a conventional inpatient procedure.”

 James O’Shea, 63, who is a steeplejack from Thornaby, was the first planned patient to have the knee procedure.

Speaking from his bedside in the hospital’s elective care unit after surgery, he said: “I knew that I’d need a knee operation in the next few years and had wanted to delay until after I had retired. I had injured it 23 years earlier at a charity football game and I realised it had been getting worse.

“When I was told I was eligible for the new day-case surgery and I could be in and out within the same day I was really pleased. Dr Ramappa was excellent at explaining the whole procedure and alleviated any concerns. I feel the procedures gone really well and the team have been brilliant in managing my pain levels. 

James shared what he’s most looking forward to being able to do once he has recovered: “I always loved taking long walks with my dog Paddy and my knee has prevented me from enjoying that simple pleasure – I’m looking forward to being able to take him for a walk again.”

Mr Ramappa added: “James’ mobility levels following the surgery were excellent. Within the first 4 hours after surgery, James was already starting to mobilise with the help of physiotherapist.  I’m happy to report that he is now home and recovering well.

“Being able to transform and expand upon the procedures we offer is an exciting time for our Hartlepool Hospital – contributing to improving overall patient experience and safety, and seeing them safely recover at home sooner.”

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