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Retired urgent care nurse returns to help during pandemic

Urgent care nurse practitioner has returned from retirement to help during COVID-19.

A retired nurse who returned to full time nursing as the NHS was hit with the COVID-19 pandemic has described why she answered the call to help. Jeanette Polson from Wingate is an urgent care nurse practitioner at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust. Jeanette, who is 56 and retired from full time nursing […]

“I don’t like who COVID-19 has made me become.”

Stay home, protect the NHS, Save lives

Cathy Troath, from Norton, had a relatively mild but still very unpleasant COVID-19 infection late last year. She spoke with the Trust about her experiences which didn’t require hospitalisation but still made a huge impact on her life. “I began to lose my sense of smell and taste in mid-October. Within four days I was […]

Doctors in training ready to start clinical practice after COVID-19 vaccine

Doctors in training after having their COVID-19 vaccine

We are pleased to welcome back the cohort of final year medical students as they get set to become qualified doctors. As key workers, the students have been invited to have their vaccinations alongside our staff as they get set to start clinical placements next week. Three of the students – Sophie Whisson, Jon Phipps […]

Trust says ‘stick to the guidelines’ as London declared a Major Incident

Stay home, protect the NHS, Save lives

Following the news that London has been declared as Major Incident due to rising numbers of COVID-19 infections, North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust has repeated the call for everyone to observe the national lockdown. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has today set London on the same level of alert as during the tragedies […]

COVID-19 patient praises research study for helping save his life

Patient Colin Marlborough in hospital being treated for COVID-19

A Hartlepool man who battled COVID-19 has described how he only took part in a research trial thanks to the words of a fellow patient – and is now so grateful he did so. Colin Marlborough was admitted to the University Hospital of North Tees in December after taking ill with the virus. After spending […]

Hospital Trust asks staff to keep talking and keep caring for one another

University Hospital of North Tees' Critical Care Team

A Teesside health care trust has appealed to their staff to ‘keep talking and keep caring for one another’ after what they describe as one of the most pressured winters they have ever experienced. North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust bosses have issued the rallying cry after becoming one of the hardest hit hospitals […]