Archive – January, 2017

New survey to find out about care for children

Twelve-year-old Olivia Magor, pictured with sister Janice Atkinson and play specialist Sandra Jackson

The trust is asking children, young people, and their parents and carers to fill in a survey into the care received. Feedback will be used to highlight areas which perform well and to identify areas where improvements are needed. Children and young people who attended University Hospital of Hartlepool or the University Hospital of North Tees […]

Teesside patients benefit from orthopaedic surgery innovation

Malcolm Payne and orthopaedic surgeons

Surgeons and anaesthetists at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust are performing shoulder and elbow surgery under nerve block only with the patient staying awake during the surgery. Patients can go home the same day and suffer none of the after-effects of general anaesthesia. Sixty year old Malcolm Payne from Hartlepool had been suffering […]

Plea from NHS as cold weather sets in and figures reveal almost half of North East population attend A&E

Latest data* shows almost 1.2 million people accessing all types of A&E departments across the region during 2015/16 and an overall increase of 1.5 per cent (equating to over 17,500 more attendances) since 2014/15. The figure of 1.2 million attendances last year equates to; the entire NHS workforce in England; the entire population of Cyprus; […]

Warning from region’s hospital bosses on misuse of A&E services

External shot of North Tees A&E department

Between 1 December and Christmas Day, over 53,000 people attended major A&E departments in hospitals across the north east* yet less than 30%, just over 15,000 people, actually needed admission to hospital for emergency treatment. Emergency hospital teams are calling upon the public to stop misusing A&E services for minor ailments which are not serious […]