My ESR (Electronic Staff Record) gives staff the ability to manage their own information through an easy to use interface that can be accessed in the workplace or on the move using internet enabled devices.

My ESR login page

You can:

  • View and amend your personal information: home address, bank details, phone numbers, emergency contacts
  • View payslips and P60’s
  • View your Total Reward Statements (TRS) – pension information
  • Complete mandatory eLearning
  • Enrol on to mandatory practical training.

Forgotten your username or password – you can resolve this yourself

If you have previously accessed My ESR but have forgotten your username and/or password click the link below to get started.

Forgotten your password or username?

Email addresses in My ESR

Staff are currently being issued email accounts. If you have previously had an email account in ESR and would like your account to replace it, please email the ESR self-service team from your account. An advantage of having your email in ESR is that you are able to access these emails from outside the N3 network, so if you are needing to change your password from home, you will be able to follow the process and access the email that the system generates. You are also able to see the content of any notifications that the system sends.

Amending Bank Details in My ESR

If you need to change your bank details in My ESR, this must be done between the 1st and 15th of the month. If outside of this time, the system will not save your new details and you will not receive your pay in your new account. Pay will be processed to the original bank account, so please ensure that you still have access to this.

The options available are: amend your current details – where you have changed your bank account, or add a new account – where you are adding an additional account. If you are adding a second account, you will need to state how much of your salary you wish to be paid into this account.

Where to find help

We are here to help you, to direct your query to the right place see the chart below

Queries relating to Contact
Getting Access
IT issues
E-Learning queries:
Mandatory Training Compliance:
Course Information
Payroll queries:
Pension queries:

Guidance Documents

My ESR Quick Guide 1 – Getting Access and Logging in ESR Password Guidance
My ESR Quick Guide – ELearning
My ESR Quick Guide 4A- Booking Mandatory Face2Face Training My ESR Quick Guide 5- Viewing your Payslip
My ESR Quick Guide 4B- Booking Non-Mandatory Face2Face Training
My ESR Quick Guide 6- Viewing your P60 My ESR Quick Guide 7- Viewing your TRS
My ESR Quick Guide 8- Amending Bank Details My ESR Quick Guide 9- Updating Personal Information
My ESR Quick Guide 10- Viewing your Appraisal and Review Information  Online Payslip FAQs
Mandatory Training (A-Z) My ESR Frequently Asked Questions

My ESR Training

The ESR training schedule is available to view and book a training place through the Trust SharePoint (Only available within Trust Intranet)