Surgery training

There are many opportunities for surgical trainees to cover a large part of the curriculum within the trust, and the concentration of emergency surgery at the University Hospital of North Tees means that trainees are exposed to a large number of cases.

There are a wide variety of opportunities for teaching available, mainly in breast, colorectal and laparoscopic surgery. A large proportion of surgery is carried out as day case providing excellent experience.

The consultants are:

  • Mr P Bhaskar, clinical director
  • Mr V Kurup, ST lead
  • Mr P Bhaskar breast and oncoplastic
  • Mr C Hennessy breast and oncoplastic
  • Mr V Kurup breast and endocrine
  • Mr E Kannan breast and general surgery
  • Mr M Tabaqchali colorectal
  • Mr A Agarwal colorectal
  • Mr T Gill colorectal
  • Mr D Garg colorectal
  • Mr M Shanmugam laparoscopic
  • Mr M Rao laparoscopic and bariatric
  • Mr B Gopinath laparoscopic and bariatric
  • Mr EL Gilliland urology
  • Mr O Alozairi breast
  • Mr V Palit urology

The trust has a laparoscopic skills training suite. The suite is available for trainees to practise laparoscopic and suturing skills, and a range of knot tying equipment is also available.

Excellent on call experience. A patient and accommodating supervisor. Team work very well together. Good atmosphere in department.



We offer the following training opportunities for trainees:

  • consultant led, ST teaching programme every Friday afternoon to include a regular journal club to include monthly morbidity and mortality meeting in addition to the regional teaching programme
  • all teaching sessions evaluated and feedback provided to trainees as evidence for inclusion in their portfolio
  • monthly clinical governance sessions which actively involve trainees presenting various audit projects, many of which have an impact on direct patient care
  • active support within the trust for data collection and analysis
  • practical training sessions in suturing and laparoscopic techniques take place during each trainee placement
  • teaching programme continuously evaluated with each new batch of trainees to tailor training needs
  • laparoscopic skills training facility for use by trainees
  • very active endoscopy unit
  • excellent training opportunities for trainees to obtain practical surgical experience and acquire required competencies set out by the curriculum
  • trainees constantly given opportunities to learn new skills under supervision, during theatre sessions, ward rounds and outpatient clinics
  • trainees where possible are on call with their regular team to maximise training experience
  • trainees closely supervised and given ongoing feedback on progress
  • nurse specialists and other members of MDT actively involved in teaching
  • regular ISCP update sessions for trainees and trainers with RCS regional co-ordinator
  • regular MDT meetings
  • weekly x-ray teaching / case discussion sessions to discuss complex and emergency cases
  • good opportunity for audits and publications

Trainees are also offered:

  • regular ST lead surgeries to enable trainees to make individual appointments for advice and guidance with assessments, training, career advice, and to discuss any issues
  • excellent mentoring scheme and pastoral support for trainees
  • all trainees offered an end of post meeting with ST Lead to reflect on experience in post