Orthopaedics training

All trainees are required to work on both of our hospital sites, and there are many opportunities to cover a large part of the curriculum within the trust and gain surgical skills.

Opportunities are available for all levels of trainees. The concentration of trauma surgery at the University Hospital of North Tees means that there is a huge workload giving the trainees ample experience in all forms of trauma except pelvic reconstruction and complex llizarov limb reconstruction.

In elective surgery the trust is a leading provider of lower limb joint replacement. The spinal team carry out all types of spinal surgery from cervical down to lumbar including anterior approaches where necessary. Lumbar and cervical disc replacements are frequently performed. In the upper limb department a large percentage of the workload is carried out arthroscopically. Shoulder and elbow replacements are carried out frequently within the upper limb unit. Hand and wrist surgery including arthroscopic is performed regularly.


All consultants contribute to trauma.

  • concentrated at the University Hospital of North Tees – 14 trauma lists each week
  • regular weekly workshops on Friday afternoons
  • department involved in national fracture neck of femur audit and audit of proximal humeral fractures
  • recognised AO training site
  • dedicated trauma weeks for consultants

Excellent exposure to the sub speciality. Very good trainer, supportive department with very good environment to work.


Lower limb

Consultants: Mr C Tulloch, Mr N Nargol, Mr N Cooke, Mr Tang, Mr Anand, Mr S Maheswaren, Mr R Limaye

  • arthroplasty and foot and ankle
  • concentrated in a dedicated unit at the University Hospital of Hartlepool
  • active research on metal on metal prosthesis

Spinal surgery

Consultants: Mr T Friesem, Mr Bhatia

  • at the University Hospital of North Tees
  • on going research into disk replacement and degenerative disorders of the spine

Upper limb surgery

Consultants: Mr N Bayliss, Mr A Middleton, Mr R Nanda

  • at the University Hospital of North Tees
  • dedicated 23 hour stay in Leven Unit for arthroscopy and upper limb surgery

Day case

  • carried out on both sites

Good exposure to trauma theatre, all team members willing to teach and supervise while performing procedures. Excellent departmental teaching rota with three teaching sessions / week.



  • daily trauma meetings
  • regular general orthopaedic teaching and journal club
  • workshops demonstrating techniques for internal fixation of fractures and for joint replacement procedures
  • separate tutorials in knee and spinal surgery
  • weekly trauma review meetings
  • monthly clinical governance meetings which regularly cover morbidity and mortality and any untoward incidents
  • arthroscopic sessions to include: shoulder, elbow, and knee

Trainees are also offered

  • regular ST lead surgeries enabling trainees to make individual appointments to discuss any issues
  • excellent mentoring scheme and pastoral support for trainees
  • all trainees offered an end of post meeting with ST lead to reflect on experience in post

Arthroscopy course

The department also offers an arthroscopic course in shoulder surgery.