Medicine training

We have excellent training opportunities for specialty trainees within our medical directorate.

Medicine includes the following sub specialties:

  • acute medicine
  • cardiology
  • respiratory
  • gastroenterology
  • haematology
  • rheumatology
  • diabetes and endocrinology
  • stroke
  • care of the elderly

We have visiting consultants from The James Cook University Hospital which enables trainees to attend clinics in nephrology, neurology, dermatology and ophthalmology.

Well supported. Interesting. Gained lots of gastro experience. Supportive and friendly team. Nursing staff friendly and helpful.


The consultants are:

  • Dr Jean MacLeod, clinical director, acute / diabetes
  • Dr Balakrishna Kumar, ST lead, elderly care / stroke
  • Nadia Stock, associate tutor
  • Dr N Roper, acute/diabetes and endocrinology
  • D G Wallace, acute / respiratory
  • Dr D Ashley, acute / gastroenterology
  • Dr So Pye, acute / diabetes
  • Dr S Shrestha, acute / nephrology
  • Dr S Anthony, acute / diabetes and endocrinology
  • Dr R Thomas, acute / gastroenterology
  • Dr C Monaghan, acute / elderly care
  • Dr S Jones, diabetes and endocrinology
  • Dr C Ward, elderly care
  • Dr H Skinner, elderly care / stroke
  • Dr Ijaz Anwar, elderly care / stroke
  • Dr Helen Blackett, elderly care / stroke
  • Dr Rachel Hodson, elderly care / stroke
  • Dr Steve Yeomans, elderly care
  • Dr Barbara Herd, elderly care
  • Dr Isabel Tresham, elderly care
  • Dr A Shyam Sundar, cardiology
  • Dr J Carter, cardiology
  • Dr V Wadehra, cardiology
  • Dr H Oxenham, cardiology
  • Dr N Child, cardiology
  • Dr R Harrison, respiratory
  • Dr N Leitch, respiratory
  • Dr V Jeebun, respiratory
  • Dr K Elmer, respiratory
  • Dr E Poyner, respiratory
  • Dr D Dwarakanath, gastroenterology
  • Dr J Metcalf, gastroenterology
  • Dr C Wells, gastroenterology
  • Dr J Hancock, gastroenterology
  • Dr B Chaudhury, gastroenterology
  • Dr J Vasani, gastroenterology
  • Dr K Bhattacharjee, gastroenterology
  • Dr P Mounter, haematology
  • Dr M Szubert, haematology

We offer the following opportunities to trainees:

  • an active programme of curriculum based teaching, journal clubs and good clinical practice weekly teaching sessions
  • clinical meetings standardised to cover full range of core curriculum for CMT
  • weekly Tuesday, best clinical practice meetings focusing on the generic curriculum and learning from serious untoward incidents (SUIs)
  • weekly Thursday, medical directorate meetings to discuss interesting cases
  • monthly RCP evening medical updates by video conferencing to include the CMT curriculum and top 20 subjects
  • teaching programme reviewed in line with feedback from trainees
  • all trainees including trust doctors are allocated an educational and clinical supervisor who they meet regularly to review progress
  • regular assessments for all trainees including trust doctors
  • all trainees given the opportunity to undertake audit
  • trainees are encouraged to use their private study leave entitlement to take sabbaticals in other specialties such as intensive care and nephrology taster sessions
  • advanced life support courses (ALS)
  • in house resuscitation training
  • local weekly teaching for example elderly care (Friday), gastroenterology (Wednesday) and respiratory (Tuesday)
  • PACES exam

Trainees are also offered:

  • regular ST lead surgeries enabling trainees to make individual appointments to discuss any issues
  • excellent mentoring scheme and pastoral support for trainees
  • all trainees offered an end of post meeting with ST lead to reflect on experience in post
  • the trust organises and hosts the RCP Edinburgh recent advances in medicine symposium on behalf of the Royal College biannually, which includes both national and local speakers and is attended by the President of the Royal College, Edinburgh.