Anaesthetics training

We have excellent opportunities for trainees in anaesthetics, including ACCS trainees, foundation trainees and those on secondment for short term from general medicine and emergency medicine to gain basic experience of anaesthetics and critical care medicine.

There are lots of opportunities within the department for all trainees to achieve competencies in many key units of the curriculum due to the large number of elective and emergency cases.

Our consultants are:

  • Dr N Suresh, clinical director
  • Dr O Shalaby, ST lead
  • Dr A Matthews
  • Dr A Krishnan
  • Dr S Suresh
  • Dr E Atoia
  • Dr S Aslam
  • Dr V Mahadevan
  • Dr P Broadway
  • Dr H Mohan
  • Dr F Brohi
  • Dr B Ochnio
  • Dr P Pritchard
  • Dr P Orakkan
  • Dr J Francis
  • Dr P Paranthaman
  • Dr V Jagannathan
  • Dr V Pinto
  • Dr VL Gupta
  • Dr J Tint
  • Dr AS Kouzel
  • Dr V Sarma
  • Dr P Kalia

Good introduction into anaesthetics and ITU. Good exposure to various techniques of airway management and vascular access.


The department offers the following training opportunities:

  • local specialty induction to familiarise trainees with duties, policies and procedures of the department highlighting supervision, complex cases and paediatric cases
  • all trainees including trust doctors are allocated an educational and clinical supervisor who they meet regularly to review progress
  • completion of competency self assessment document to assist in tailoring individual training requirements
  • consultant led weekly teaching sessions
  • protected teaching time to enable 100% attendance at educational sessions
  • regular assessments for all trainees including trust doctors
  • trainees closely supervised and given ongoing feedback on progress
  • all trainees allocated audit topics to be presented at clinical governance meetings
  • active support within the trust for data collection and analysis
  • modular training
  • monthly morbidity and mortality meetings
  • monthly clinical governance meetings
  • airways workshop
  • transfer training
  • mock OSCE in preparation for FRCA exam
  • critical incidents in anaesthesia – skills drill

Trainees are also offered:

  • regular ST lead surgeries to enable trainees to make individual appointments with the ST lead to discuss any issues and to seek advice and guidance with assessments, training, career advice and preparation for ARCP
  • excellent mentoring scheme and pastoral support
  • end of post meeting with ST lead
  • completion of end of post questionnaire

The department have a monthly medical education group for anaesthetics. This is to ensure quality education and training in anaesthetics and patient safety is kept to the highest standard while quality assured on the job training is provided to trainees within the directorate. A trainee representative is part of the group to ensure that trainees are involved in sharing information and decision making in training issues.