Join our team of community nurses

The community nursing teams provide nursing care to patients in the community and support for carers.

Community nurses work closely with GPs, social services, hospitals and other healthcare staff to provide a service tailored to meet patients’ individual needs. The service helps patients cope with ill health and disability, allowing them to have the best possible quality of life, while maintaining dignity and respect.

Community nurses cover a wide range of services that work together to provide nursing care in the community and  in patients’ own homes which also includes residential care homes.

The services include the following:

District Nursing

District nurses are skilled professionals who provide co-ordinated care to patients in their own homes. While district nurses generally work independently, they are supported by their team and work alongside other healthcare professionals such as social services to provide holistic, high quality care to acutely and chronically ill patients.

District nurses work very closely with GPs. They can provide access to specialist nursing equipment and work closely with teams, including:

  • continence team;
  • tissue viability;
  • Specialist palliative care team;
  • diabetic team;
  • Community Matrons
  • Rapid Response
  • Macmillan Carers
  • out of hours community nursing;
  • heart failure nurses
  • CHD nursing
  • Community Dementia and Liaison Service
  • Hospital at Home (COPD)

Rapid Response

The  rapid response nursing team provides nursing care and support to patients who can safely be cared for at home rather than being admitted to or staying in hospital. This team also can deliver intravenous (IV) therapy in patients’ own homes . This team works very closely with adult social care.

Specialist Nursing Teams

Specialist teams usually include a range of healthcare professionals and are designed to support and complement community nursing services in treating specific conditions or situations. Specialist nurses have not only a general nursing background, but also specialised knowledge and skills to deal with chronic disease management, eg diabetes, COPD, heart failure etc.