Our plans

Successful organisations have a shared purpose, they know where they’re going and they know how they’re going to get there.

In other words they have a strategy and plans. Staff from right across our Trust, our governors, our partners and our patients have helped to shape our shared purpose in our strategy.

You can find out about all of these things in the documents we write; the annual plan, the annual report and of course our main strategy document.

Our vision

The organisation’s vision is underpinned by a pragmatic mission and practical values, these statements allow the public, patients, relatives, staff and partners to understand who we are and what we stand for as a trust.

To be the best healthcare provider by delivering excellent services for our patients.

Our mission

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust will become the healthcare provider of choice, by; putting patients first, delivering efficient, safe and reliable services, enabling excellence, encouraging innovation, embracing learning, knowledge and change.

To achieve this, we will operate a lean performance focussed organisation that thrives on change and provides:

  • good patient care, through safe, modern high quality health services
  • efficient services, by recognising that waste in one area compromises patient care in another
  • a good place to work, by being a good employer, working together and valuing people
  • education and training, to enable staff to deliver individual, professional, team and organisational objectives

Our direction

The Trust’s four strategic aims are:

Putting patients first

  • Improve outcomes, achieve performance targets
  • Effective planning
  • Develop new approaches that support recovery and well being
  • Develop new services to meet the needs of the population
  • Focus on research to improve services

Valuing our people

  • Promote and ‘live’ the NHS values within a healthy organisational culture
  • Develop, train and retain our staff
  • Ensure a healthy work environment
  • Listen to the ‘experts’
  • Encourage the future leaders

Transforming our services

  • Deliver cost effective and efficient services maintaining financial stability
  • Make better use of information systems and technology
  • Provide services that are fit for purpose and provided from cost effective buildings
  • Ensure future clinical sustainability of services

Health and wellbeing

  • Protect and improve the health of the population
  • Promote health services through a full range of clinical activity
  • Increase health life expectancy in collaboration with partners
  • Promote self-care