Compassion in practice (6Cs)

A team of senior nurses are raising awareness across the trust of a national initiative called the 6Cs.


The 6Cs is a national programme launched by NHS England chief nurse Jane Cummings to transform the care, advice and support that people receive and to achieve excellent health and wellbeing outcomes for all.

We aim to ensure that the 6Cs reflect the values that all our staff aspire to all day every day.


The 6Cs

The 6Cs stand for:

  • care
  • compassion
  • competence
  • communication
  • courage
  • commitment


Watch the video below to hear our staff talking about the 6Cs. Some of our patients also talk about their experience of being cared for in our hospitals.


The team have introduced new initiatives including the #hellomynameis Twitter campaign, Open and Honest Care, and staff are being given an opportunity to be a care maker and be an advocate for the 6Cs.


We’ve got behind the #hellomynameis campaign and we’ve introduced it to our own staff.

The campaign was started by Dr Kate Granger, a doctor who sadly passed away after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, after she became frustrated with the number of staff who failed to introduce themselves to her when she was in hospital.

It’s the little things that make a difference and ‘hello my name is’ is one example of this.

Useful links

NHS England 6Cs live!

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Staff Voices

A group of our staff have told their own powerful personal stories in a series of videos which are being used for learning across the NHS and beyond.

Staff were challenged to produce a short video re-telling a story from their working life which will stay with them forever.

The Staff Voices video has formed part of NHS England’s DNA of Care project which will be shared as a tool for learning across the NHS.

To see the videos see the links below: