Annual reports and plans

Our annual reports and accounts give an overview of the year and detail our future plans. You can also download our quality accounts, corporate strategy, trust constitution and membership strategy on this page.

AGM agenda

Annual reports

Annual plans

Quality accounts

Corporate strategy

Welcome to our Corporate Strategy for 2016 – 2021. We have refreshed our previous strategy to acknowledge the journey that we are on as a leading NHS Foundation Trust and provider of acute and community services, and to ensure we are concentrating on the things that matter most to our patients. Like many other trusts, we’ve faced up to new challenges and pressures without compromising on the quality delivery of our services, and this strategy helps set the future direction for our trust.

Membership Strategy

Health and wellbeing strategy

Cancer strategy

Information and Technology Services / Digital Strategy

NHS Improvement declarations

Declarations of Interest

The Declarations of Interest register provides staff, defined as decision makers within the organisation, with the opportunity to be as open and transparent as possible and declare any actual or potential conflicts of interest. It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that they do not place themselves in a position which risks, or appears to risk, conflict between their private interests and their NHS duties.

It is a requirement that all NHS Trusts maintain a register of declarations of interest and this must be undertaken on an annual basis. The Trust will make annual declarations publicly available on our website, including nil returns where staff have nothing to declare.

Declarations of Interest


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