Contracting opportunities

Advertising our contracts

When letting contracts, we are obliged to follow our own set of procedures as well as European and National legislation. This determines how contracts will be advertised. Where legislation dictates that contracts must be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), we will ensure that this is done promptly and in line with the legislation.

To search for such contracts, please visit the Tenders Electronic Daily  website which is maintained by the European Commission. This site shows all of our contracts which are currently being advertised in the OJEU. Please note that we may also advertise these contracts in the local press.

To find our contracts simply put the following in the search fields:

  • Select language (EN)
  • Select ‘extended search’
  • Search scope = last five editions (drop down box)
  • Country = UK (drop down box)
  • Type of authority = regional or local authority (drop down box)
  • Authority name = North Tees (input)
Contracts which do not have to be advertised in the OJEU will be advertised; and can viewed using our electronic tendering website Cardea This link will take you directly to our portal where we advertise procurement opportunities and contracts finder.

Free public procurement course for businesses

On 25 January 2010, the government launched an on-line procurement course Winning the Contract. This is a free resource to help businesses (and in particular SMEs) learn about public procurement and how to bid for public sector contracts. The course can be accessed by the Business Link webpage.

The course introduces businesses to the key processes, including:

  • identifying the advantages and disadvantages of dealing with public bodies
  • understanding how different types of contracts are defined, advertised and dealt with
  • understanding approved supplier lists and framework agreements
  • searching for and finding public sector opportunities
  • identifying the key stages in the tendering process.

It also has a useful resource section, case studies, and a hints and tips download.