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Welcome to my blog

I am Julie Gillon, Chief Executive for our Trust. This blog will share what I am proud of, how I think we can grow as a Trust and what we can all do to improve our organisation’s future.

First though, a bit about me, I started my career in the NHS as a Registered Nursing holding several Senior Posts including  Senior Nurse directly accountable to the Director of Nursing and Quality.   I joined the Trust in the Summer of 2002 to take up the post of Senior Project Lead and Assistant Director of Strategic Planning to manage the requirements of the National Orthopaedic Project.   During this time I worked closely with Department of Health representatives to achieve change in working practices within A&E and emergency care pathways, to support the Tees Review of Services.

In 2007 as Head of Strategy and Planning, I project managed the Foundation Trust application and led the Foundation Trust consultation process. Whilst in this post I deputised for the Deputy Chief Executive/Director of Acute Services over a range of projects.  Following this I was successfully appointed as Director of Acute Services and delivered the Care Quality Commission ratings into GOOD from a previously FAIR position.

As Chief Operating Officer/Deputy Chief Executive I was responsible for managing a significant and complex portfolio in addition to supporting the Chief Executive and Board to ensure successful delivery of quality, financial and operational performance and I was delighted to be appointed interim chief executive in the Autumn of 2017.

Here you can read a summary of the fantastic work being undertaken by the Trust and I welcome your feedback and questions and will try to respond as best as I can.

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Julie GillonWorking as a nurse is a huge privilege

Today is International Nurses’ Day and I wanted to reflect on the journey our profession has travelled over the years, to our current day position and importantly our ambitions for the future.

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Health Care and finance – often unpalatable, always essential

In 2017 North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust was declared a health care organisation in financial deficit. As we edge towards a more positive economic outlook we will continue to be transparent and open about our position.

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Careers in the NHS –  Are we talking loudly enough?

In December last year, Simon Stevens, Chief Executive Officer for the NHS spoke about the possibilities of a career in the National Health Service.

There are over 350 different careers within the NHS, every one of them making a difference to people’s lives every day. If we talk to the children of our region about the possibilities of surgeons from Stockton and hematologists in Hartlepool, we start to invest in the future.

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Julie presents on smoking in pregnancy at South TeesSmoking in pregnancy – the journey continues

As we edge towards the end of the year, I thought it appropriate to offer an update on progress to date following the launch of our Smoking in Pregnancy initiative, and ambitions beyond the project.

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Image of project choice graduates of 2019Project Choice – the graduates of 2019

As we know, the NHS is one of the biggest employers in the UK. In Stockton our University Hospital of North Tees site is the largest employer in the town. Of course we do not work in isolation, we rely on solid working partnerships with many other organisations.

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Coping with time pressures whilst working amid an ever evolving complex society

On Thursday 16 May, I was accompanied by Lindsey Robertson, Care Group Director and Ruth Dalton, Head of Communications and Marketing as we visited wards 32 and 33 at University Hospital North Tees.

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Working together to shape the future of healthcare

Recently I met with staff from across the Trust in the latest of my coffee mornings. These sessions are a great opportunity for me to understand what is going on within your areas, and how the executive team might be able to offer support.

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NHS staff will get the backing they need

Just one of the ambitions the Long Term Plan sets out. At a national level, health care providers are feeling the strain of increased staffing vacancies, with the biggest shortfall in nursing.

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Addressing health challenges in our region – smoking in pregnancy

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with colleagues at the Durham Centre to explore one of the most topical issues in health care to date. Smoking. More specifically smoking in pregnancy.

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Raising awareness around alcohol misuse and promoting better health

This week, our Trust is focusing on raising awareness around alcohol misuse and the impact it can have on your health. The North East as a whole has a 45% higher death rate from liver disease than anywhere else in the UK.

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What the Long Term plan means locally for North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

The NHS Long Term Plan was released earlier this month. Since the launch I have been reflecting on the work we deliver here at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust.

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Celebrating Good Care – Moving to Outstanding Care

Recently I spoke at an event around leadership and its role in helping the trust move from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’.

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A day in my life

A member of the communications team joined me for the day to highlight the typical working day of a chief executive of a health trust.

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