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Copies of the policies listed below can be obtained by emailing listing the policy name and reference number. Each application will be viewed on it's own merits however it may be necessary to withold some exempted information.

Policy nameReference

Conduct Capability Concerns about Health for Medical and Dental Staff

HR42 (P0214)

Urethral Catheter Management

IC13 v2 (P0215)

Bleep Policy V4

HR29 (P0159)

Scabies Management

IC16 v3 (P0218)

Policy for the Management of Patient Property Cash and Valuables Policy

F2 (P0044) V4

Agenda for Change Gateway

HR41 v3 (P0213)

Nurse Bank Agency

HR11 v3

Smoke Free policy

EF12 v4 (P0142)

Internet Access & Usage

IG3 V7

Capability of Staff Policy

HR21 version 7

Environment Sustainability and Carbon Governance Policy

EF4 v3

Peripheral Cannulation

IC18 v5

Data Quality Policy

IG11 v3 (P0150)

Control of IM&T Projects Policy

IG15 v5

Asbestos Management Policy

EF11 v4

Secure Disposal of IT Equipment

IG23 v2

Organisational Change


Registration Policy & Practices

IG19 v2(P0197)

Chickenpox (Varicella) Immunisation

HR43 (P0224)

Verification of Expected Death by Nursing Staff

C10 v4

Policy and Guidance for Interpreting and Translation

C44 v2

Policy for the Positive Identification of Patients (Including Wristbands)

C38 v4

Being Open Policy

C40 version 5

Accidental Exposure to Bodily Fluids (formerly Needlestick Injury policy)

C41 v5

The Management of Risks Associated with the Validation of Results that Require S More ...

C47 v1

Driving Policy

EF19 (prevHR23)

Management of Violence and Aggression

RM7 v7

Security Policy including ID Badge Policy

RM6 v7

Central Alerting System (Previously SABS) Policy

EF13 v2

Sharing Information

IG20 v2

Recruitment Selection

HR26 v3

Health & Safety

RM10 v6

Protecting Vulnerable Adults (Trust Guidance to Access Tees-wide Policy)

C46 v4

Minimal Handling (Load Management/Moving and Handling)

C6 v8

Health Care Contracts/Service Level Agreements

F7 v2

Use of taxis

EF8 v2

Information Security Policy

IG9 v4

Information Governance Policy

IG14 v3

Hazard ID, Risk Assess Policy

RM8 v6

Control of Clostridium Difficile Infection

IC19 v4

Redeployment Policy and Procedure

HR48 v3

Fraud and Corruption Policy

F3 v3

Disclosure of Concerns (Whistle Blowing)

HR27 v5

Tuberculosis Control Policy

IC11 v5

Outbreak Policy

IC1 v6

Complaints Policy

RM4 v9

Recognition Agreement and Negotiation Procedure

HR33 v4

Work Experience Policy

HR5 v3

Serious Adverse Events (SUI)

RM14 v7

Effective Management of Mandatory Training

HR45 v6

Operational Policy For Critical Care

C28 v4

Referral to treatment and Waiting List Policy

IG8 v4

Business Continuity Plan

RM17 v3

Disciplinary Policy

HR24 v9

A4C Job Evaluation Policy

HR55 v2

Infection Prevention and Control Policy

IC3 v8

Policy for the Sensitive Handling of a Fetus Fetal Tissue or a Deceased Baby

C4 v3

Handling of Surgical Instruments on Loan from Another Organisation

C36 v3

Disinfection and Sterilisation Policy

IC12 v4

Induction Policy HR17

HR17 version 7

Maternity Risk Management Strategy

C24 v7

Research Governance Policy

IG6 v4

Clinical Effectiveness Strategy

C45 v6

Hand Hygiene Policy

IC2 v8

Patient Isolation Policy

IC15 v5

Mental Capacity Act Policy/Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS)

C53 v4

Policy on the Prevention of Bullying and Harassment at Work

HR22 v9

Alert Letters

HR39 v4

Personal Development Review policy

HR46 v4

Pre-Employment Checks

HR49 v7

Point of Care Testing (POCT)

C26 v3

Development of a KSF Post Outline Policy

HR47 v3

Lease Car Policy


Assistance with Removal and Associated Expenses

HR13 v3

Standards of Business Conduct

HR10 v6

Continence Policy

C54 v1

Standard Precautions to Prevent Spread of Infection

IC17 v6

Clinical Specimen Policy

IC14 v4

Display Screen Equipment policy

RM1 v4

Management and Control of Viral Haemorrhagic Fever

IC7 v4

Annual Leave policy


Equal Opportunities policy

HR19 v5

First Aid policy

RM28 v4

Hydration Managementand the Administration of Fluid Therapy in Adults

C27 v3

Pneumatic Air Tube

EF9 version 4

Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Risk Assessment

C13 v4

Appointment of Locum and Dental Staff

HR28 v4

Policy and Procedure for the use of Disclosure Checks

HR52 v5

Capacity Management Protocol

C21 v4

Redundancy Policy

HR57 v3

Uniform Policy

HR18 v3

MRSA Policy

IC6 v7

Media Policy

IG10 v5

Fire Policy

RM13 v6

Substance Misuse Policy

HR14 v5

Supervision of Junior Medical Staff

HR50 v5

Pay Protection Policy

HR58 v3

Work Life Balance

HR35 v4

Grievance Policy and Procedure

HR2 v8

Management of Claims (clinical Employers and Public Liability and Property Expen More ...

F4 v7

Antibiotic Strategy

C56 v3

Attendance Management Policy

HR4 v8

Prevention of Transmission of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

IC5 v3

Email Policy

IG2 v8

Pay Progression for Consultants


Consultants Requesting Time Off

HR54 v3

Childcare Services Admissions Policy

HR32 v3

Radiology Image Retention Storage Policy

IG4 v4

Policy for the Management of Controlled Drug Incidents(CDI)

C57 v2

Medical Illustration Policy


Mobile Communications

EF5 v3.1

Treasury Management Policy

F9 v2

Private Patients Policy

F1 v4

End of life care for adult patients relatives and carers

C7 v1

Policy for the recognition and response to acute illness in adults in hospital

C58 v4

The Management identification and authorisation of policies

RM9 v6

Traffic management policy

EF3 v6

Patient Safety Strategy

RM18 v2

Pest Control Policy

EF17 V2

Missing Patients Policy

C59 v3

Rostering Policy

HR62 v1

Study Leave Policy

HR63 v1

Data Protection & Caldicott Policy

IG5 v6

High Level Infor Security Policy

IG13 v4

Recruitment and Retention Premia Policy

HR61 v2

Safeguarding Children Policy and Safeguarding Children Training Policy

C50 v3

Healthcare Records Policy

IG12 v8

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Policy COSHH

RM16 v5

Donation of Organs and Tissues after Death

C51 v3

Coroner's Policy (Post Mortem Policy)

C8 v5

Introduction of New Clinical Procedures or Techniques

C15 v5

Intellectual Property rights

C49 v2

Cleaning Services Policy

EF16 v1

Lone Working Policy

RM20 v4

Theatre Infection Prevention Control Policy

IC21 v1

Cardiac Resuscitation Policy

C23 v7

ICT Change Control Policy

IG28 v1

New and Expectant Mother Policy

RM27 v1

Operational Management of Medical Gas Supplies

EF14 v2

Management of Air Handling Systems Policy

EF15 v2

Environmental Purchasing Policy

EF6 v2

MRSA Screening

IC20 v2

Planned Preventative Maintenence (PPM)

EF18 v2

Promotion of Good Mental Health and management of Stress policy

HR51 v3

Management of External Agency Visits/Reports Inspections Accreditations/NCEPOD R More ...

C52 v5

Clinical Excellence Awards Policy and Procedure

HR59 v2

Consent to Examination or Treatment Policy

C25 v8

Clinical Coding Policy and Procedure

IG7 v4

Safe use of Potassium Chloride

C19 v2

Policy for the Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism in Hospital in-patients

C60 v3

Prevention and Management of Infant and Child Abduction

C12 v3

Incident Reporting Policy

RM15 v3

Heatwave Plan 2012

RM21 v7

Procedure for supporting staff involved in traumatic stressful incidents complai More ...

RM19 v5

Policy for Professional Registrations

HR40 v8

Policy for the Development and use of Information for Patient

C35 v6

Management and use of Medical Devices

RM3 v9

Practice Relating to the Transfusion of Blood and Blood Products

C16 v8

Non-Clinical Slips and Trips Resulting in Falls

RM24 v3

Freedom of Information Policy

IG16 v3

Records Management Policy

IG25 v2

Latex Policy

C17 V3

Theatre/Operations Checklist Policy

C2 v4

Removable Media Policy

IG29 v1

Lockdown Policy

RM23 v2

Risk Management and Clinical Governance Strategy

RM11 v8

Interagency Admission, Transfer and Discharge Policy

C1 v5

Space Allocation Policy

EF20 v1

Procedure for the Development of Information for Patients

TG7 v1

Fuel Crisis Policy

EF21 v1

CCTV Policy

IG27 v1

Medical Appraisal Policy (incorporating requirements of revalidation) HR64 v2

HR64 v2

Inter agency Protocol for the Rapid Response to Unexpected Deaths in Childhood


Whiteboards and Display Equipment

IG31 v1

Waste Disposal Policy

EF1 v8

Toy Safety Policy

RM25 v1

Clinical Falls Management and Bed Rails policy c29 v8

C29 V8

Prevention and Control of Legionnaires Disease

EF10 v6

Prevention and Management of Occupational Skin Disease

RM26 v1

Incorrect Payment of Salary and Other Allowances

F11 v1

Wound Management and Dressing Selection Policy

C55 v3

Work at Height Policy

RM29 v1

Policy for the Safe and Secure Handling of Medicines

C20 v9

Social Media Policy

IG33 V1

Healthcare Records Keeping Policy

IG32 v1

Infant Feeding Policy 0-6 months

C63 Version 1

Policy for Safe Prescribing Handling and Administration of Cytotoxic Drugs

C11 v3