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Patient information leaflets

 Clostridium difficile – Corp/176.2  more>>

 Norovirus – Corp/143.2  more>>

 Ward closures – Corp/269.1 more>>

 Reducing the risk of infection: what you can do to help – Corp/162.2  more>>

 Washing patients soiled clothing - Corp/195.3  more>>

 Chicken Pox/ Shingles – Corp/317 more>>

 Scabies – Corp/221.1 more>>

 Hepatitis – Corp/356 more>>
 Campylobacter - Corp/142.2 more>>

 Management of urethral catheters Corp/326 more>>
 MRSA screening and decolonisation IPC/381 more>>
 Salmonella Corp/177.1 more>>
 Surgical site (operation wound) infection IPC/365 more>>
 Multi-resistant gram-negative bacteria IPC/393 more>>

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